Farmyard Tales: Boundaries


Snow at the farm!  The animals just wanted feeding!  So if you are carrying the yellow bucket, the animals know you are their best friend!  They get very excited about their food and they want it delivered in the quickest way.  They have no patience, and they have no manners!  Drop and run!  The alpacas, normally aloof and haughty, got surprisingly close.  The food!  That’s what they want.  I must admit, I did hide behind one of the lads who was much more confident being so close to them.


But the chickens – I’m ok with them.  Or so I thought.  The hens have a really big space to roam, but they know the yellow bucket that holds their feed, and if you are holding it and going into the enclosure, they swoop towards you like iron filings to a magnet.  I’ve learnt that the thing to do if you don’t want to get swamped, is to cast some seed to one side so that the hens will cluster there, leaving you free to walk to fill the feeding trays.

The cockerels – well they are a whole other deal!  Some of them are just plain mean!  I’ve learnt this the hard way.  I go in to fill up their food and clean out their water, and most of them just focus on the grub.  But there is always one who thinks you are a bit of sport!  One of them lined up and did a flying karate kick at me: their talons are sharp as are their beaks!  ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ I shouted!  I grabbed the water container quick, swinging it around for my protection, as I made a hasty exit.  Mean, mean, mean!  Some behaviour is just not acceptable!  Even though I’m just trying to help, it’s important to know what you will put up with and what you won’t.

Another lesson about life, taught by the animals!  Raise the standard of what you accept, what you allow other people to do to you, and what you expect of yourself.  Stand firm, head held high, to live another day!


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