Farmyard Tales: Gareth


This is Gareth the cat, snug and warm by the fire on a cold, cold day.  He is fairly new to the farm family, having been given as a kitten – and named by a sports enthusiast, after a rugby player, I think!

When he was a bit younger he used to love jumping up and perching on people’s shoulders, like a warm, cosy scarf!  Maybe he thought himself a parrot!  He’s really popular as he likes to curl up on people’s laps, and stroking him is very calming.

The goats were having a walk around the open space on the farm and they headed to the bonfire pile which had been loaded up with branches from hedge-trimming.  Gareth thought he would go and play too!


Adventurous and curious are words that certainly describe Gareth, as well as having an instinct that the world is a good place.  What a great life lesson! 🙂

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