Farmyard tales -New life


These sweet little chicks hatched out of their shells today!  Brand new to the world!  And by tomorrow, a few more will have hatched out too.  They were so lovely to see.  And at the farm a new stray cat has found a home and was being slowly introduced to the other cat, as well as getting accustomed to the various people coming and going.  Another job at the farm today was cleaning out the chicken coop very thoroughly, after a chicken had died.  Everything was scrubbed and cleaned, with new straw put down to carpet the floor.  There is life and there is death and there is life.  Living closer to nature reveals these natural rhythms.

When I first came across the idea in a psychology/personal development book that life-death-life was an important part of the cycle of human life, I was quite taken aback.  Surely only the things to do with life should be our focus if we want to develop and grow into the best versions of ourselves.  But the deep wisdom shows us that some things in our lives, some attitudes, some attachments need to ‘die’ in order for other things to live.  ‘Death’ and separation from negativity – be that in attitudes, people or situations – needs to occur in order for life-giving attitudes, people and circumstances to have room to grow.  And this requires courage and trust – trust in the greater processes of Life, and courage to let go.

But new life is rather wonderful!  Just look at those chicks!

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