The Whisper of the Angels


That night they were loud -
those angels on the hilltops.
And though the shepherds
were stunned to silence,
the sheep bleated and baa-ed,
chorusing the angels.

"These are days of great JOY.
Because heaven has opened a window.
God is so close to you.
Be full of Joy."

These nights - and days,
if we listen
we can hear the angel's song
on the whisper of the wind,
in the rustling of the leaves,
in the noises of the animals -
braying, bleating, clucking -
proclaiming Joy,
because heaven kept
the window open.

When you feel Joy
in your work, with your friends,
or being true,
that is when you hear
the Whisper of the Angels.

For Dad: enjoying heaven's party

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