Today at the Farm


Here’s Daphne – happy because she found some straw to eat!  She was extremely happy a few days ago as she followed the scent of the sweet hay and found the door of the poly-tunnel open enough for her to squeeze in and munch away.  Not only the hay, but she also found the vegetables sheltered from the wind and cold, growing well.  Too tempting to resist, she munched rocket, pea shoots and various other things.  She didn’t like the beetroot or fennel, so she just nuzzled those, unearthing them and leaving them on top of the soil.  And of course, leaving her signature hoof prints in the soft soil!  Oh dear!  We spent a while retrieving what we could!

And the goats?  Well, they just sink their heads into whatever it is they are eating!


2 thoughts on “Today at the Farm

  1. Hi Doctor G! Just re-found your blog online and have spent the last 45 minutes procrastinating from my finals revision looking at all wonderful posts you have shared! Im desperately trying to remember my A Level Kantian Philosophy, and your blog popped into my memory suddenly!
    Hope you are well !

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