Without trying,
Water finds its equal.
So too, our selves.
Best gain balance within.

It has struck me very forcefully recently that different aspects of ourselves will always, without fail, seek balance – much like water will always find its level.  By balance I mean that the various aspects that make up ourselves will always assert their existence.  If we do not embrace those different aspects of ourselves, we will, unknowingly, seek them out in others – but always at the expense of our own wholeness.  For instance, if we have not made friends with our ‘inner child’ by not allowing that mischievous side of ourselves to have a place in our life, then chances are, we will seek out that aspect in someone else.  The problem with that is that you would then be attaching yourself, unwittingly, to someone else in order to find wholeness.  Not only will you not find wholeness that way, but if they are not in harmony with their own self, the result will be two wobbly people!

On the positive side, what you find attractive in someone else, such as strength and gentleness, use that to find those aspects in yourself.  Find, and love, the inner strength you have but have not recognised until now.  Find, and love, the gentle aspect of yourself – it will be there.

Listen to the affirmations other people give you, as they are recognising an aspect of you that you might not have identified as yours.  Let their words cut through the limiting narrative you have been telling yourself.  And in this way you will become more loyal to yourself.

Then, when you meet people, you will not be looking for them to complete you, as you are finding balance within yourself.   You will rejoice at their balancing, and have a great time together 🙂



An excellent book on this subject is Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth by Robert A. Johnson







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