A Broom with a View

A new house, a new broom.  I also have a new vacuum cleaner as there are carpets here too.  In my kitchen though, I still use a broom to sweep the dust and debris that we manage to bring in from outside.  There is something very satisfying about sweeping!  Gathering up the dust of the day, and grass clippings carried in on shoes from the freshly cut lawn, and sesame seeds dropped from the seeded crusty loaf cut for the treat of thick toast and butter.  No matter that tomorrow and the next I will have to sweep again; my home is a nest for living, and wonderful life has a way of being messy.


I came across a passage* about the symbolism of sweeping.  It is an indicator of decluttering our thoughts of old ways of thinking – about ourselves and others, and sweeping away the debris that accrues to us as we travel life’s journey.  And it’s about putting things in order and making space – for creativity and inspiration – both of which will surely come.  It’s an act of faith, in a way, that those good ideas will soon knock at the door, and a place has already been made to welcome them.


Thanks to Lucie who got me thinking about this.


*Women Who Run With the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes


4 thoughts on “A Broom with a View

  1. Oh Pat, this is lovely and made my morning! I will keep this with me today so that I don’t moan about ‘having’ to sweep clean, but look at preparing the way.

    Xx Lucie

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