Lavender time

It’s the time of year when the lavender in my garden is ready for picking.  Last year, quite by accident, I cut the lavender stalks, plaited them and put them in a book – which in effect, pressed them flat.  It has been really nice having that lavender bookmark, so I decided to while away some happy hours doing the same this year.  One thing I remembered from last year is that if you want to plait the stems, this has to be done before the storks have dried out – because then they all just break!  So, on this lovely sunny afternoon, I trimmed some lavender, plaited three storks together and will press them in some heavy books.  They can be bookmarks, or little storks of scent under the pillow or in the clean linen pile – and they will always remind me of summer!

Last year’s pressed lavender
Freshly picked and plaited lavender ready for pressing

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