#30DaysWild Day 30 Gone Wild


So I’ve come to the end of the Wild Life Trust challenge of 30 minutes in nature every day for the month of June.  Sometimes I didn’t really feel like going out for a little trek, but I always did, and I always, always appreciated it.  I have been amazed at how much nature there is around in the urban area where I live.  Hedgerows along railway lines, small nature reserves in seemingly scrappy pieces of land, and nature bursting in my own back garden.  The trees in the photo above, are at the edge of a golf course near to the supermarket close by.  I remember when they were planted as young saplings.  How time moves on!  And below is nature regenerating itself and planning for its own future, from the tiny beginnings of an acorn dropped in the ground.


Mother Nature ever new, ever strong, ever present.  For us to see and be part of and cherish.  If I had one wish …



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