#30DaysWild Day 26 Wild(ish) hedge

IMG_20170626_200957[1] Perhaps this doesn’t look too wild!  After all, it’s a trimmed hedge at the side of a pavement.  But when I pass it on my way to work in the morning, it is alive with the chatter of sparrows!  Sometimes you will see them dart in and out and nip right inside again, to sit in the inner sanctum of the hedge, all safe and unseen – but heard loudly as they chitter chatter away.  Often the sparrows perch on top of the hedge so that you can see them clearly, and I’m always amazed how people don’t seem to notice them, because they are really quite close up.  They quieten down by the end of the working day – as if they have run out of things to say!  It’s a reminder to me of wonderful aspects of nature that are all around – when we take a good look and have eyes to see.


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