#30DaysWild Day 17 Wild Yoga and dinosaur trees

What a hot day it has been!  So it was lovely to spend some time in the garden with a welcome breeze cooling me down in the shade of the trees this evening.  I thought that rather than just working in the garden, I would spend some time relaxing and then I did some yoga.  It was so lovely breathing in deeply, imagining inhaling the oxygen from the trees surrounding me, and going through the routine with the sound of birds singing and warbling, rather than the instructor on the DVD!

Earlier today I saw this Ginkgo tree in Oxford, at the edge of a building site, being carefully protected.  It was the shape of its leaf that struck me when I first saw it and I am glad this and a number of other trees on the site are being saved.  This species of tree is really ancient – it dates back to the pre-dinosaur Permian period, in the area of China.  And I have subsequently found out, that six Ginkgo trees survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 and are still growing today – a symbol of hope, if ever there was one.




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