#30DaysWild Day 16 Wild Strawberries

IMG_20170616_185750[1] When I was weeding at the back of a flower bed last year, I came a cross some small wild strawberry plants, with tiny and deliciously sweet little strawberries on them.  This spring I moved them to the front of the shady border and I am delighted to see them doing so well – the delicate white flowers and now the ripening fruits that are beginning to show through.

Enjoying the flowers but waiting in eager anticipation for the fruits, reminded me of a few lines from Tao Te Ching about being concerned with more than is at first apparent, with deep and lasting things, not just surface values or activities:

‘The Master concerns himself with the depths and not the surface,  with the fruit and not the flower.  He has no will of his own.  He dwells in reality, and lets all illusions go.’  [38]

Lessons from nature, deep and profound.


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