#30DaysWild Day 13 In the cool of the day

I went out to water my garden this evening, enjoying the cool temperature, and I was delighted to see the first nasturtium flower.  Its vibrant orange colour was so welcoming and joyful. Mum gave me the seeds at Christmas and I planted them in the spring and they are beginning to flower now.  They are supposed to be good to eat in a salad, but I’ll wait until there are a lot more before I try them!  I inspect the garden most days to see what has grown and what has sprouted, and it gives me so much joy.

IMG_20170613_201929[1] I love that passage in the Book of Genesis where it speaks of God walking in the garden in the cool of the day.  I imagine God looking at what has sprung up this time round, being delighted by it all and saying ‘Good job!’  I agree!


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