#30DaysWild Day 10 Wild Corridor

It’s lovely how a pathway by the side of a railway becomes a wildlife and wildflower corridor.  Some of the trees have been planted, but many plants got there all by themselves :). And what a picture can never convey, is the sound of the many birds who love the shrub and tree cover to sit in and sing their hearts out – one song thrush gave a particularly good rendition!

IMG_20170610_180335[1] IMG_20170610_180259[1]


IMG_20170610_182539[4]Clumps of meadow cranesbill  grow next to the railway briars – blackberry picking aplenty later in the summer.

This path joins up two little parks, and the flourishing greenery provides a welcome corridor for wild birds and animals – home for wildlife even in an urban area.


4 thoughts on “#30DaysWild Day 10 Wild Corridor

  1. I’m not sure whether it’s just that I’m noticing the bird song more this year or if they are more jubilant than ever but the bird song is outstanding! Thrushes can be particularly vocal and have a pretty song.

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