#30DaysWild Day 8 ‘How are the mighty fallen’

It was a sad sight to see in the park today: a number of silver lime trees had been blown down in the gales of the last few days.


Earlier in the week I wrote about the beautiful wood of lime trees that has been favoured by wood carvers, but I had no idea that today I would be afforded a close-up view of the wood.


And I thought about the phrase ‘How are the mighty fallen’.  It comes from the earliest days of Israelite history, when Saul, the very first king, was slain in battle, together with his son Jonathan.  When David heard about this he was sorely upset and declared a lamentation ‘The beauty of Israel is slain upon the high places: how are the mighty fallen’ [2 Sam 1: 19].

Figures of the landscape and the broad scape of our lives that we thought would be there a long time.  Our lives were blessed by them for a time.  With thanks.


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