#30DaysWild Day 7 Running Wild

Running Wild – the path of least resistance.  Today I combined going for a run with having time in nature.  I have so many lovely green areas around to choose from, so I had thought of running around two smaller parks and the streets in between.  And as I had been reading about removing any obstacles (often mental obstacles) that might put you off your good intention – like not having sufficient energy to change into running clothes, I decided to change into my kit as soon as I came home from work – to make the path of least resistance!  I did a yoga session first, and then I was nice and warmed up and well stretched and ready to go for a gentle run.  The first little park, in between the houses, was being used by young boys and their coaches to practice football, and you could see that they were all really enjoying being out in the open air and having a good run around.  I liked running on the grass as it was so soft, which was a nice change from running on the hard pavement.  But the pavement is a useful link from that park to the next one.

IMG_20170607_192612[1] This green space was quite empty – lovely in its own way.  And I went to see if the funny shaped mushroom I had seen on Saturday, was still there.  And it was – although looking somewhat deflated! (The one on the right).


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