#30DaysWild Day 5: Rain-time walk

I had a lovely walk in the quiet in-between time, after work but before the evening has unfurled.  The park was even quieter still, as it had started to drizzle – welcome rain, I must say, as it has been very dry here.  Some deer were grazing, and when it rained too hard some sheltered under a tree, and some huddled close and carried on eating.


And what was loveliest of all was to see a whole group of starlings waft their way through the air,  living clouds, rising high and then darting low, before resting en masse, in the grass.


I saw a squirrel scurry across my path for a morsel to eat and then bound from branch to branch beating a hasty retreat.  And there was a stock-still heron standing in the grass, unperturbed by rain or wind, or deer or person trying to get a pic!  Beautiful.


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