#30DaysWild, Day 2

IMG_20170602_182954[1]Some time connecting with nature today included getting quite wet in a thunderstorm!  The air after the rain was so lovely and fresh, and I was thankful for some cooler temperatures.  Later I ventured out onto a common near me and took this photo of an elderflower bush.  It has the most lovely scent which I really like.  I found out that in the symbolic language of flowers, elderflower means compassion.  So now, the lovely scent will remind me not only of elderflower cordial, but also compassion.  And it reminded me of some words of Lao Tzu – compassion is one of your three greatest treasures (the others being simplicity and patience). And I was as surprised as anything when I first came across it, because it directed it to yourself as well as to others: ‘Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world’  (no. 67).


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