Choose Life


‘Know that it’s your decisions, not your conditions, that determine your destiny’.  Such wise words by Anthony Robbins that have been inspiring me to do things differently.  And after yesterday’s celebration of Easter, I was wondering what it means to live life differently – a resurrection life here and now.  I think it’s all about what we decide to focus on.  And the great news is, we can do it differently if we choose to!  Here are some options!

It feels like I’m on my own in this.

And there never seems to be enough – time, money, love.

So I have to work, work, work.

At least in working I can forget – for a while.

When times are really tough

the daffodils no longer look yellow,

nor the tulips red;

the forget-me-nots mock me with their

desperate name.

Everything is monochrome.

Even the tablecloth, embroidered

with flowers and colour, brings only

a half smile to me now,

and my decorated teacups seem always

half empty.

I seem washed up in a sea of uncertainty,

wishing all the time that things will change.

Perhaps tomorrow they will.

I know I am not on my own, even when I’m by myself – I know my family, both past and present, love me and all my oddities! And I have come to know the One who gives me life, who is closer to me than I am to myself.

And I know there is always more than enough, and I laugh with joy at the abundance of things everywhere. Sure I have to work, but where I can I choose that which brings me joy- it gives its own energy and doesn’t seem hard at all.

God’s good and pleasant land always calms me and grounds me and fills me with beauty; the bluebells enchant me, and everyday I look to see if the seedlings have grown some more. Sometimes, I know, times are tough and different from what I expected. It gives me a chance to really have faith, and appreciate every act of kindness, every sunset, and every night sky if sleep is fleeting.

For the bounty of food I am always thankful (and for the Bounty! Yummy!): the avocados and limes, pears and rosewater, apples and cinnamon.My cupboards are bursting with magic just waiting to happen.

I know that goodness and grace will always surround me,and that when my days have been lived, I will return to the One

whose breath I have breathed,

and Whose love I have lived.

I wrote these two different versions of Psalm 23. I get to choose which one I live today.  I’m off out to see if those seedlings have grown!


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