Praying the Light

img_20170301_1912381 I was given this lovely rainbow candle at Christmas, and I had kept in on the mantle-piece to look decorative.  But seeing as March is upon us, I thought I had better put it away.  A friend of mine had mentioned to me that she had started meditating every day for 10 minutes*, and I thought that a good idea.  And then I thought – Why not use the candle to help you focus when you meditate?  What a great idea!  So I’ve started finding a quiet time and lighting the candle and meditating.  And as I have, I’ve thought how powerful light is as a symbol – radiance, life, wholeness.  I found myself thinking about people who have been on my mind – perhaps going through a rough time – and I have thought about them being surrounded by light and health and wholeness, and wishing those things for them.  Lovely vibes to send out – praying the light.

*Thanks Mary 🙂


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