img_20170209_1815401Material, patterns,
colours arranged,
hand stitched,
carefully sown,
time and thought.

Stories of prison
and purpose amongst
Tales of watery passage,
travellers in bondage
half a world away.
Sewing kit and scraps
transformed into

Patchwork stories:
lives, partial -
memories, happy
alongside sad;
joy next to sorrow;
All, a part of life;
aspects of my days.
Courage to look;
Light shines keenly
next to the dark. 

Inspired by a visit to an exhibition of patchwork at the V&A Gallery, London
a few years ago.

*Prisoners from Wandsworth prison, London, sewed a quilt for the exhibition
**Elizabeth Fry, the 19th century Quaker, gave sewing equipment to women being
transported to penal colonies in Australia - and their quilt was exhibited.

I found the poem and the half-done patchwork when I was clearly out my cupboards
what JOY! :)


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