Lose your mind


I came across a wonderful exhibition today, put on in aid of the mental health charity ‘Mind’, in which two artists created an installation that would facilitate participation and reflection on issues of mental illness.  Gossamer and veiled, these masks stare out, the shape of the eye spaces and mouth strikingly expressive, creating their own community of shared struggle.  The unseen world of the mind was suggested in the nebulous hangings imprinted with Japanese ink painting and copper and aluminium leaf work.  There were tables and chairs for us to create our own piece, and it was lovely to pick up charcoal and tissue paper and glue and get creative.  And all of this with some background music playing, hauntingly beautiful.  [I had no idea this morning that I would be doing any of this, but a lingering thought prompted me to go to that gallery.  I was very moved by this exhibition.] [Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham, UK]


The artist Oi Nuen Sprunt and singer-songwriter Sarah Hacking-Brian – encouraging us and joining us as we had a go at making our own creations 🙂 Here’s mine and a few words that came to mind [Masks, looking out.  Yet you are beautiful.  When the veil is lifted, you will smile and see beauty – yours, and theirs].


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