Buckwheat pancakes


What to do when the cupboards are mostly bare!  Pancakes, if you have an egg and some milk.  But I didn’t have any milk!  So I thought I would make my own version of almond milk, which is to put two dessert spoons full into half a pint of water and whizz them together in a blender.  Hey presto – almond milk.  And buckwheat flour is a great gluten-free flour.  So I sieved 100g into a bowl, cracked an egg into it, whisked in the almond milk, and then cooked in a hot frying pan with a bit of butter.  Squeeze of lemon or lime – or any other filling, and a sprinkle of sugar – and there you have yummy buckwheat-almond pancakes 🙂

 100g Buckwheat flour
pinch of salt
2 dessert spoons (ish) ground almonds
half a pint of water (284ml)
1 egg
knob of butter

For Hannah B – coz cooking gluten-free can be every bit as fun as regular cooking 🙂


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