The season of Joy – and bin bags!


The title had my name on it! Well, it had the word Joy in it, and Joy is one of my Important Words this year 🙂 So I had to take a look and see what it had to say.  It’s all about tidying up!  Over the holidays I had come across the Minimalism movement – embracing a life of less clutter, which seemed like an attractive idea to me – and the Spark Joy book has given me a method to begin!  What Marie Kondo emphasizes is the importance of having around you just the things that bring you joy – surround yourself with joy, and discard everything else.  Step one – Clothes.  It took me a while to change my mindset away from getting rid of things I don’t wear much to the much more positive view of ‘which of these clothes sparks joy in me?’  But I soon got into the swing of things.

img_20170107_0839441 So I got everything out of the wardrobe and did the ‘joy test’ on every item, and put the rest in a pile.


img_20170107_0839081 img_20170107_0846271

So off to the charity shop I will go, and what remains is a wardrobe full of joyful clothes!

Have a joyful day 🙂



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