A light in the dark


In the afternoon I had been out walking, and moon – nearly half – looking almost translucent, high in the mid-afternoon sky, was following the sun at a discreet distance; east/south-east to the sun’s sinking west.  The orange westward sun still had some warmth, if you faced directly and were shielded from the icy wind.  And apart from a lonely cloud or vapour trail, nothing much was apparent in the expanse of the sky.

Later, the sun had sunk, yet still tinted that low part of the horizon sky, from pale yellow to greeny blue.  To the almost south, the half moon’s white was more sure of itself, glowing on its outer half rim against the indigo blue sky.  And between the two, visible only now in the deepest blue sky was Venus, strong and bright.  Some things are only seen in the darkness.



Photo from cambridge-news.co.uk


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