Surf-board inspiration 2


Three words for the New Year!  Back in 2015 I had read about the idea of thinking of a few words that were important to you, and writing them somewhere where you would see them regularly – to help you keep them in focus.  In the book that inspired me*, a man painted his words on old surf-boards he had.  So I kept the idea of a surf-board, and I thought about words that I want to be reminded of this year.

Joy: to do things which bring me joy (actually, putting a bit of colour on my notebook was such a thing – I must do more of that!)

Thankful: to think about things in the day, however small, that I am thankful for – it will remind me how blessed I am.

Today: to view the current day as a gift, full of possibilities – and get caught up less in plans for the future or memories of the past.


Happy New Year to you all 🙂



I wrote about this in October 2015,

*The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO, Robin Sharma


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