Reap from some seed that’s been sowed


I was out in my garden in the last light of the day today,  clearing some weeds at the back of an overgrown border, when I came across this Yew tree sapling.  How wonderful – I didn’t plant it but it grew all by itself, nonetheless!  And as I weeded further I came across two other such saplings – and, conveniently for me, they were growing at the back of the the border.  They grow up from long roots deep underground, and I thought of the symbolism of new life sprouting up from ancient sources – life, that itself will go on and on, just like the Yew tree.

Transported back to one of the first LP’s I had – Dire Straits’ Love Over Gold, I thought of the phrase in Telegraph Road, that says  “We’re gonna have to reap from some seed that’s been sowed”.  In past times, seeds of dignity, truth and freedom have been sown, values that seem to me crucial to living a good life.  The ancient ways have roots that go deep, and from them come things that promote life and wholeness.  I’ve been pondering about them a lot lately and their importance.  And I’ve also thought that in my turn, I need to sow seeds for future generations – a grounding in truth and dignity and freedom.


5 thoughts on “Reap from some seed that’s been sowed

  1. Beautifully put. We are beneficiaries of the seeds that were sown for us by previous generations. We become the trustees of the plants that have grown and maybe fed us, sheltered us and provided us with cherished beauty. Trustees who must be wise enough to nurture these beautiful plants and caring enough to pass them on to future generations just as our loving ancestors did for us. But we must be confident enough to recognise the value in the what we have been bestowed and will bestow on those to come, so much so that we can prevent the weeds that might undermine our nourishment from ever taking hold.


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