Grounding exercises

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Shoes and socks before and after !


Sometimes I can live rather a lot in my head – the perils of a philosophical disposition! But  I’ve been reading recently how to have a more balanced view.  The book* is about the Eastern tradition of the Chakra System which understands humans as have seven energy points that ‘run along’ the spine ( although they are not physical spots), and which can be out of harmony with the whole, if too much emphasis is focused in one area.  So if you spend too much time in your head, the likelihood is that you are neglecting other areas.  Bear with me for a moment while I briefly and very simply explain them, and then I have story to tell!  The base chakra at the bottom of the spine corresponds to the physicality of the body, the chakra at the stomach – feelings, at the solar plexus it is autonomy/power, at the heart it is emotion, at the throat it is communication, at the forehead it is insight and intelligence, and at the crown it is spirituality.  So, as a redress to spending a lot of time in abstract thought, it was time to give a bit of attention to the base chakra – and get grounded in the body.  So I went for a very muddy run!

I had been on such a run last year and knew it would be just the ticket – 10 km of very hilly, very muddy and very wet terrain (wading through lakes – yes, really!).  And it was raining throughout, and on the tops of the hills it was very windy too!  Very, very grounding!  Me and a thousand or so other people spent our Saturday morning in wonderful Nature in this way!    I  got quite adept at going with the flow of a muddy slide down hill, using flailing arms to help balance, and pound up hill until your leg muscles were burning too much forcing you to walk up the steepest ascents.  Following the leader through the lakes and we all turned into a giant snake wading through the cold, cold water.  It’s quite hard to run on iced up feet, I found!  But it was exhilarating all the same.  Little time to contemplate philosophical conundrums, but plenty of time to marvel at how well our bodies work and how well they respond to challenges!  Now for some good food and dry clothes!


  • Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self,  by Anodea Judith



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