Sugar Loaf


This is Sugar Loaf Mountain, Wales – not Rio; my budget didn’t stretch that far!  As I was nearing the top, I saw a kite being flown.  It was in the shape of a kestrel, or eagle, and it reminded me of the Buddhist prayer flags flying from the tops of mountains in the Himalayas.  I said that to the Dad of the children who were flying it.  Then added, as I passed them, that I had read about such things – I hadn’t been there myself!  He laughed and said ‘I thought so’: apparently the jeans and the shoulder-bag thrown over my shoulder were the give-away signs of not being a hard-core adventurer.  I chuckled and laughed at the thought!

The views from the top were magnificent.  Stunning!  Then for the descent, and I was most amused as the Dad made a point of finding me and apologising for his remark, as I might indeed have been a keen adventurer regardless of jeans or handbag!  We laughed again – no offense taken!  My proper gear was still in the car; but I had just arrived in Wales and was impatient to be out on this gentle slope :).  The trail shoes and rucksack would wait for the next day and the long climb.  And as the weather was changing rapidly, I hastened back to shelter.  I love the mountains 🙂



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