Playful collage

Sculpture by David Smith welcoming you to the Abstract Expressionism exhibition at the Royal Academy, London

At last, the exhibition of Abstract Expressionism at the Royal Academy, London.  I was looking forward to seeing such a collection of many artists altogether.  I really liked some of the art, and not so much other pieces.  One piece that caught my eye early on was Collage, 1950 by Willem de Kooning.  It was a collage of shapes, some well defined by black edges, some not, all melded together.  Lots of yellow – almost mustard yellow, and then to the top left some greens and blues – looking more like stained glass.  And as you move to see it from a different angle, the light catches something and there is a glinting – an alive, playful movement.  A closer look reveals drawing pins – steel tacks, pressed into the collage at different places.  The gold circles catch the light differently, a dullish gold with a bright gleaming crescent.  Move to the left and the gleaming crescent changes side.  How playful!

And I thought of a sight that caught my eye at home earlier in the morning, in the tree outside.  As various birds perched atop the branches -rose-ringed parakeets with claws circling them steady on the thinner twigs, and gold finches, face red-circled amidst its white and beige and yellow – there was a diamond twinkle, flickering, twinkling.  I was quite enchanted by it.  Perhaps a residue rain drop held its tension a moment and a moment longer, and the rising sun refracted its rainbow light through it.  Alive and playful and me, caught by surprise.

de Kooning’s glinting collage was that for me too!  Delightful, playful, pushing back the boundaries of expectations.

[Sorry that I couldn’t get an image – the only one I found was copyrighted, and we couldn’t take pics in the exhibition.  But you might look it up, or go to the exhibition :)]

To be continued…



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