‘Let your life speak’

Overlooking Exmoor and Porlock, Somerset

What if it was true – that thing I read?  ‘Let your life speak.’* Not, what will my life speak to other people, to the world – what great task has been given me to manifest.  No!  Rather, let my life speak to me!  What if that still small voice- not really a voice, but an inkling, a persistent thought, what if that was my life speaking to me?  What if I had just got so deaf to its tune that I couldn’t recognise it anymore?  What if ‘my life’ was this central impulse that could not be subsumed by society’s changing, wavering standards and fashions?  What if that ‘life’ kept prodding, gently but persistently: – leaving traces in dreams of the night; a spark ignited when I read that book/blog, or heard about that person, my heart warming within me.  What if, until I paid attention to its leading, my restlessness remained?  What if I started noticing those unexpected events, and saw those unplanned happenings as life inviting me to live deeper, to live my life and no-one else’s?  ‘Let my life speak.’










*An old Quaker saying, quoted in Parker J Palmer’s book Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation


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