A bit of perspective

London skyline seen from the Tate Modern Viewing Platform
Same old, same old (story).  Living on the level, living from the inside; limits of sight, limits of imagination.  And then something happens that shakes it all up and opens up a whole new vista – a whole new viewing point, a whole new perspective.

Holidays are great for that, as you have time out of the routine, and space to think.  The sea rising up as I descended the cliffs above Durdle Door in Dorset had that effect – the sheer expanse and marvel of the sea, glinting in the sun, ever moving, alive with energy. Note to self: see more of life through the perspective of beauty and motion.

And it happened too, on the tenth floor of the new Tate Modern building in London – a platform from which to view all of London.  From that height you could see for miles and miles, far beyond the centre of London, to the hills and trees fringing it afar.  Note to self: remember there is a bigger picture – just look up every now and then 🙂


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