The Beloved

The Beloved, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, modelled by his wife Lizzie Siddal.  Tate Britain
When first they rendered portraits
- so loved by the English -
they cluttered their walls
- those halls of fame -
with Important People:
dourly dressed,
notable people.
They were mostly 
men -
both sitter
and painter;
employer, employee -
vertically cast.
Know thy place.
Earn thy crust
and be gone.

When purse-strings
could afford
what softer faces
we saw
-esteem and 

And then they came,
painting for love.
She who
captivated his heart,
dizzied him in love,
dazed him with beauty,
intoxicated him
by being.

How could such enchantment
such mystery,
such depths
be rendered?

It is but 
a token.
My best
for my love.



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