On the trail

More Mile Cheviot 3 Trail Shoes – brilliant!
 I thought it would be a good idea to get some shoe-wear with more substantial grip than regular trainers, as I intended to run along various coast paths.  I ordered these trail shoes – which fitted me well in their length and width: I was pleased to get a slim-fitting shoe.  They have a good tread underneath and are surprisingly springy: you don’t feel like you are walking or running on studs, as they are much softer than that.  I ordered them on-line [£ 33- incredible!] and then took off to Cornwall first, and then Pembrokeshire in Wales.  They have been great for running – and the grip has been essential for all those up and down sections of the coastal paths, and they have also been great for walking in – for miles and miles.  I do wear two pairs of socks though, so that they don’t rub when I’m out for a long hike.  And my ankles have flexibility in different terrain (that sounds a bit grand!!!) so that they get strong and stay strong.

Happy running!

Me with my trail shoes when walking along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path
Trevose Head, Cornwall – walking and jogging along the coast path to get there – in my red trail shoes 🙂

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