Remote and idyllic


When they described the hostel as remote, they weren’t joking!  See the little white dot of a house on the right of the photo?  That’s the hostel!  Wowee!  This is the hostel at Pwll Deri, near Fishguard, Wales. The view we had at breakfast – and any time of day was this:


And sunsets, looking out over Penrhyrn Byr, were stunning:


Remote and idyllic – they were not wrong!  But it wasn’t isolated – in fact the whole world walks past! And often stops for water, or overnight.  The hostel is on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, an international favourite with backpackers from many countries walking the path and stopping off here – so you get to practice a few different languages! – the lovely German people, the hilarious Canadian girls, some English students awaiting exam results, some University students, and Dan the travel writer with his daughter (such a sweetie!). Wowee, just about sums it up!


3 thoughts on “Remote and idyllic

  1. You have got good walking in both directions from there – I remember hitching to that area some 25 years ago and getting a single lift from Brentwood in Essex to Swansea! Keep an eye out for seals

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