Thanks to the beautiful women

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I met three most beautiful women this last week while holidaying in Wales.  Barbara who was the volunteer warden at the hostel, kept everything running smoothly and made us all feel really welcome.  The beauty of her warmth and friendliness was a joy to behold.  We chatted so easily from the first, and I really appreciated her wisdom and perspective on life, as well as her mischief and cheeky humour!

I met the other two beautiful women by seeming coincidence: the weather, broken engines and the fates conspired so that we shared the same boat trip!  Lynn and Jenny from America, had been scheduled to ride the boat two days earlier, but boat repairs delayed things.  It was a fine day when I went to St David’s where I saw the sign advertising boat trips around Ramsey Island. I thought ‘What a good idea; I’d like to do that.’  So I bought my ticket for the 13.30 sailing – but had to make a mad dash to get there, hastily parking the car, scrambling the 400 metres or so to the jetty, hoping I hadn’t missed it (I had loitered a little too long in the company of St David and his Mother at the Cathedral!).

Gasping for breath, wishing I had my running shoes on not pumps, and with a  rucksack that was too heavy, I arrived at the the gathering at the bottom of the steps.  ‘Is this the place for the boat trip?’ ‘Yes.’  There was a bit more of a delay – tides, engines etc and of course, we were not on London time!  Wonderful!  It’s countryside time! And this was when I met Lynn and Jenny – lots of smiles and giggles and stories of travels.

The boat trip was stunning!  The weather was glorious and we saw porpoises, seals and ganets, caves and extinct volcanoes.  And afterwards, over tea and cake, we shared life’s stories and joys.  I loved their great kindness of spirit, graciousness and price-less wisdom.  I cherish that day and their open hearts, and the touching of our lives.

On the last day of my hols, I met another beautiful woman – Lilo from Germany, and we shared poetry – Rilke’s and each others, and spoke of the joy of being immersed in the countryside.

A very big thank you, to each of you beautiful women.


3 thoughts on “Thanks to the beautiful women

  1. Hi Patricia

    Just wanted to say thank you for bringing back fond memories of my own (a childhood of summers spent in St David’s and the surrounding area) – especially of those boat trips and that jetty! – when I needed them most. Really enjoying your blog 🙂

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