Nature run


These days, this is a rare sight!  What?  The trees?  No – blue sky and sunshine!  We have been having a very wet time of it, and it is not set to change anytime soon!  In name, it might be summer time, but the weather hasn’t caught that rumour!  Hey ho!  So when there is a gap in the clouds at tea-time, and when it’s not too soggy outside, it’s great to get your trainers on and go for a nature run.  That’s what I did, and it was so much fun. Perhaps it felt so great precisely because there has been such a dearth of sunny spells.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder!  And what a treat – the lime trees are budding and giving off the most wonderful scent.  When you are still far away, you can smell the air laden with perfume.

Lime tree blossom
And as I had jogged to where I knew some lime trees were, I saw the most lovely sight – a group of swallows flitting near to the ground, up and down the grassy banks, catching insects.  I stopped and watched them for quite a while: are they house-martins with the shorter forked tail, or are they really swallows?  Some of them were most accommodating and flew quite close – they definitely had the longer ‘streamer’ tails and blob of russet red under their chins.  And they chirped to each other too! [No photos of them – too fast for me!]

And to complete the wonderful things to see and smell, I came across some dainty lesser stitchwort, low in the grasses – they looked like little stars, smiling up at me!


And just as I got home, it started raining again!  But I had my sunshine and my beautiful nature run 🙂



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