Discourse of the Animals: Tortoise

Thanks to The Travelling Cat Lady, at leavingfootprints.net for the photo
so slowly
you realised
I was here,
at the base
you all.

My vaulted
carrying all things,
and legs
the weight
to the good earth.

And I am slow…
you think me slow,
better to say,
‘I am’.
That’s it,
this is me.
No hurry,
Here to remind you
of a different

Let things
and wait.

As old as the mountains
I am as old as the mountains; my shell the lithos that lifted up in heat and pressure.  I am ancient of days.  I am solid, sturdy, carrying all things on my back.  My wrinkles, the lines of immemorial time etched on my skin.  My time is time out of mind; my ways those from the mist before time.  It has been; it will be again.  I know.  I am the root, the unconscious rhizome, the fossil of the past you carry within yourself.



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