Discourse of the animals: She-wolf


And then there is She-Wolf – someone altogether different.  She is keen of sight and smell; she protects, she is fierce: fierce in love and loyalty.  She is strong – lone when needing to be, nurturing and playful when warranted too.  She is strong of leg and bone – wandering vast distances, tough terrains to gather what she must.  She sets her face, like flint, to the wind and rain – it is little; it is nothing; it will not stop her.  She roves through the winter as needs must.  She will climb the mountain steep and roam the valleys long.  She will endure.  She will stand.

She can sniff out food – wild garlic in the springtime: those long green leaves and bursting spangled flower-heads.  She will drink the still-icy water tumbling down mountains distant.  She will lair up in a sparse hole when need be, watching and waiting – until time to move on.  Times are, she must ford a river – uncomfortable, heavy, cold: no matter.  What must be done, must be done.  Luxurious, though, when the sun bakes down, and dries her and preens her.  Basking in the heat she gathers her strength.

Moon-time is her favourite time.  She watches its sliver grow til its full face shines.  Then is the time of their song.  Wherever they are, any of them, speckled over the land, they all come and sing – long notes sounding round mountains and valleys.  Their ancient song connecting them all across the centuries.  Theirs is an ancient knowing – the wisdom in their bones.

“Did they tell you that ‘She’ is just about nurturing?  Did they make you feel secondary?  Listen to my words and draw strength – and look into the mirror that reflects back the lineage of She’s that is deep in your bones and in your cells – in the skeins that are twisted together – strong, oh, so strong.

In you is life – and this life is a force given through you.  It is a gift given by Mystery to be poured out in you and launched into the world.  You are the bearer: you are the chosen one, not least because you appear weak.  Yet you are strong beyond measure and protected by Life’s Hand – always.  Sometimes, in a quick flash, or sudden intuition, you know that deep Mystery – a glimpse is given you – the spark of fire that is carried at the very centre of you.  That which is beyond, comes close, in your humility.  You are given all that is needed to support new life – in your body and in your spirit.  You are given tenacity and single-mindedness.  You are given determination and endurance.  You are given perseverance.  You are given enough – of everything.

You will be fierce when you need to be; nurturing when required; implacable at other times; feared at others.  You will be disguised when you need to be protected, and led in ways unperceived before-hand.  And you will carry a knowing – deep in your bones.  Trust it; follow it.  Walk hand in Hand with Mystery.”



[See also Discourse of the Animals: The Black Panther and other poems in a previous blog, as well as My Totem Pole].



She-wolf photo taken of the front cover of the book Women Who Run With The Wolves: Contacting The power Of The Wild Woman, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes








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