Very resourceful


I went for a lovely afternoon walk along a river, edged by marvellous whites and greens.  The cowslips were blooming and the elderflowers were just starting to bud and give their distinctive sweet aroma – the sure harbinger of summer.  And beside them, towering high, were the many leaved trees – hornbeams, chestnuts, oaks, sycamores.  On my stroll  I took a little snack with me – and as I am in no-spend mode [day 3!] I rummaged through the cupboards to see what I could find: some oatcakes and nuts and raisins.  And I found a brilliant container to put the nuts and raisins in: a little spice bottle.  I had found that in the back of one cupboard with decidedly out-of-date spices in, so I washed up the bottle and thought it a handy sized container to keep.  Sure enough it was!  Small enough to fit into a bag without being heavy or cumbersome, but big enough to put in a few handfuls of nuts and raisins!  Good to go!

Tonight for supper it is risotto (again!) with garlic, cumin seeds (the last in the bottle, so I’m keeping that too for another picnic container!), sweet potato (good job I had bought a plenty of those!) and some broad beans from the freezer!  And it will taste wonderful, coz it just will!

My cupboards are rather bare now, so I will have to do some food shopping.  Needs must!  But with bare cupboards it is easier to clean them!  Who would have thought!  And I’m being quite creative with my cooking: I found some dates, so cut them in half, melted some chocolate, filled the dates, and sprinkled some cinnamon on top – quite yummy!  And a tin of coconut milk and ripe bananas make a great base for a smoothie!

And wonderful nature is ours for free!  A walk in the park or along the river; watching the fish or glimpsing the birds; feeling the sunshine warm on our skin; smelling the wonderful fragrance of the woodland flowers, or the just-opening garden roses.  All that for free, for everyone 🙂

IMG_20160529_185501[1] IMG_20160529_185631[1]

IMG_20160529_185845[1] IMG_20160529_185957[1]




4 thoughts on “Very resourceful

  1. I too delight in such simple wonders! I’ve noticed my cooking style has changed as well, inspired by nature’s simplicity. I might need to make a separate blog to share recipes 🙂 Also, i’m taking Bach Remedy Hornbeam right now! The first one I collected, they are changing everything for me too.

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