Here for the long haul


I thought a picture of ants wouldn’t be so appealing, even though this post is all about them, so I put up a picture of some trees that I came across on a walk today!  When I had returned and was sitting in my garden, some ants caught my eye.  There were two of them and they were working in tandem dragging, what looked like, a dead centipede body.  And their journey was, of course, an obstacle course!  Wherever they were dragging it, it was nowhere immediate.  They had to scale tufts of grass and negotiate stones and moss.  Sometimes the two of them made good progress, with one at each end.  But sometimes this proved counter-productive as their cargo got wrapped round a long blade of grass and then each ant was pulling against the other.  Sometimes, one ant would let go and scout around ahead – I thought it had given up and gone away.  But it hadn’t; it returned with its intelligence to forward the progress of the journey with a clearer route.  They just kept at it.  It was a long haul.

Talk about tenacity, determination, single-mindedness!  But I think two other ingredients were essential also: self-belief and the belief that their treasure was worth it.  “Here for the long haul.  Because you’re worth it, and so am I!.


2 thoughts on “Here for the long haul

  1. Your photo draws the viewer into the woods where there is mystery and new adventures (and of course, ants!). They are curious little workers, fixated at times as you describe, but they succeed more often than not. 🙂

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