The ‘No Money’ Thing


It was a case of ‘Oh no, what have I done?’ that I first felt!  And declaring my intent on my blog!  Well, that’s committed me!  No going back – so I am continuing to try and spend no money!  This is day two, and a Saturday!

After the initial idea – a good one, I thought [see previous post], and then the mild trepidation, then came the settling into ‘Right, let’s get on with it’ mode.  Virtually straight away it made me view things differently: the Bramley cooking applies, a little past their best, became promises of deliciousness – with a little effort.  So I set to, peeling and coring them [putting the strands into the compost bucket for the garden], slicing them and putting them in a pan with a little water, one teaspoon of sugar per apple and a cinnamon stick.  They bubbled away and mashed down into a nice puree.  I had a dollop of that on my muesli for breakfast – yummy.

I looked in the cupboards some more and found a box of dry puy lentils – so I cooked those up, cooled them, put them in the fridge for later.  Then I knew I would want some sweet things, so I got out my recipe for some almond drop biscuits – all the ingredients were in the cupboard, and I made them.  I even found some chocolate to melt and drizzle on the top.  Scrumptious.  I saw some packets of spicy tea that I hadn’t much fancied previously; but now they looked really appealing – and I’ve been having those all day.

But as if to mock me, two books came through the post that I had ordered a week ago.  More books!  I haven’t read all the ones I already have!  Note to self: don’t buy another book til I’ve finished these [that will be challenging].  And I’ve been thinking of my Mum, and her generation, where they would always cook their food from scratch and have canny little ways to make things stretch further and last longer.  This is a good lesson!  Time for tea – risotto with sweet potato and spinach, with a sprinkling of nutmeg on top. Happy day 🙂

[And this is my 100th post!]


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