No Money Today!

I picked these books up for free today, from someone who was clearing out their shelves
I am going to set myself a challenge – to see if I can break the habit of spending!  What?! Well, I don’t spend much money usually, but I am in the habit of spending some – most days!  It might only be the price of a cup of coffee, or buying a few extra things for supper, or for the cupboard.  But I still spend.

Spending no money sounds like an easy thing to do, but even the thought of it is quite challenging – and that is precisely why the habit needs breaking.  Why?  It’s not that I am in straightened circumstances – it’s near the end of the month and I will be paid soon.  It’s not because I think money inherently evil.  It’s not for a religious reason, nor a social experiement to see what it’s like to be poor.

But it is part in protest to the ever increasing influence of money and corporations and their agendas of profit over and above the value and quality of life.  Life – human life, animal life and plant life, is more important than money and making a profit or scamming people.  Have ‘Their’ marketing strategies been so effective that I have internalised them to such an extent that my default position is to spend?

The challenge is this: can I draw on my own internal resources to occupy my free time, without resorting to spending money?  And, crucially, be happy with that – even for a short time?  Can I break the habit of buying more food just for the sake of it, when there is plenty in the cupboards and in my fridge?  This thought occurred to me during the day – it is very spontaneous, so I haven’t fill my cupboards in preparation.  Let’s see how I get on!

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5 thoughts on “No Money Today!

  1. Great initiative Patricia.
    Last year I decided not to buy new books until I finished reading “good books”( my personal choice of course ) from the public libraries in my city. It’s great to read the old books which I have missed in the past.

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