Doorstep beauty


Well my actual doorstep is not beautiful!  But the phrase ‘on your doorstep’, meaning what is very close by, is beautiful! Mind you, you have to look for it a bit, as there is also much that is not so beautiful.  I went for a walk along a little river, the back way into town to have a coffee and read.  What greeted me firstly, was the wonderful sound of so many birds singing really loudly!  The river walk has a lot of trees – just what birds like; and they were singing their finest symphony!  Then as a rounded a bend I saw this glorious array of white blossom!  White cowslips, and the white blossom of hawthorns – a little later opening than in the park I run in.  And further along, there was a mass of pink heads bobbing and swaying in the breeze – red campions(I think), tall and stately.  And there were ducks, with their ducklings!  So very sweet!  And then, some ducks perched on the branch of a tree!

All this is on my doorstep!  A woodland corridor along a river at the back of houses and roads and the railway.  It gave me great joy to see the extravagance of life.  Happy day! 🙂

IMG_20160521_145757[1] IMG_20160521_151508[1] IMG_20160521_151620[1]


One thought on “Doorstep beauty

  1. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing photos, it seems like a relaxing place to be! There is inspiration in nature always, it just has to be appreciated, and you paid tribute by simply noticing. Lovely post 🙂


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