Fair, foul or just blessed?

IMG_20160426_183425[1] Buddhist prayer flags*


I thought I would sneak in a little jog in the park before the evening chores.  So I pulled on my running things, and with the sun on my right, out I went.  It got so warm that I had to roll my sleeves up – how lovely and fair the weather was, with blue sky and some puffy white clouds.  At the far end of the water-course I started jogging back, but, oh dear!  The colour of the clouds in that direction was decidedly grey – dark grey!  And the wind started racing and flapping my jacket wildly and noisily!  That would blow the cobwebs away!  Oh my word!  The wind was very fresh, and very in my face!  And for every stride forward, I was blown backwards a wee bit too!  And then it started to snow/sleet!  Okay, it was only an incey wincey bit of snow, but enough for me and the passing dog-walker to comment on it!  The weather had turned a bit foul!

But then I thought, Come on, am I just a fair-weather kinda gal?  Certainly not!  What’s a bit of wind!  It makes you feel alive!  And as my jacket was sounding like a tent on a windy, windy day, I thought about Buddhist prayer flags flapping away on high mountains in the Himalayas.  Buddhists have a lovely belief: on their flags, in bright colours representing the elements, they print on them words of love and compassion from their holy books.  And they believe that when it is windy, the wind horse takes those words and scatters them around the world to all sentient beings.  The wind spreads the blessings of love and compassion to all humans and animals and birds.  So the windier it is, the more blessings are being spread!  How wonderful!  So I had a lot of blessings on my jog in the park this evening, as well as a few bits of icy weather for good measure!























From Free Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Wallpapers  


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