Coffee and a little bit of Sweden


I found another wonderful place to have coffee and some rather delicious pastries.  Bageriet is a Swedish bakery in Rose Street, London WC2.  The street is rather narrow and dark and I had passed through it on the way elsewhere a number of times.  Thanks to Ella B who said that she thought I would really like this place, so I went back there.  She was right! The young ladies serving in the bakery/cafe told me that about 3 years ago two pastry chefs from the ‘Selfridges’ of Sweden thought they would like to set up shop in London and bake traditional Swedish pastries.  So they did, and they have never looked back.  I had a coffee and a kanelbulle – a cinnamon bun with a hint of cardamom in the dough.  It was really yummy.  Everything is freshly baked on the premises and a clean, comfortable typical Swedish setting makes this a real treat of a place.  I’m glad to have found a little bit of Sweden in London town!

IMG_20160324_192508[1]  IMG_20160324_192329[1]

IMG_20160324_192143[1] IMG_20160324_192721[1]


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