Tales of the City: A Triptych



Ancient woman.

How would she look?

Covered in veil

and long garments.

Visions of heaven –

making it hard

to live her days


Hard to see

the beauty of

her people

in view of Him.

Perhaps He

must remain veiled

so we don’t



I was between

Darcy and Paul

when I spoke

to you –

longs legs and

great voice

– mine or theirs?

You decide!

I loved hearing you

– as always –

speaking of

your day

and telling you of mine.

A religious form

borrowed for this

– not to usurp His place,

but to point

His touch on our lives.

Redeeming love.

Redeeming the times.

Old and lined Alan



and happy to chat

and share his wisdom.

Redeeming his art

– stunted by a

blunt remark

decades ago

– restoring his talent.

As he said

‘Better late than





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