Tea-time treat

IMG_20160318_185751[1]  IMG_20160318_190129[1]

Turns out, bouncing around the park uses a lot of different muscles to plodding around!  And this Tigger was a little sore from all the previous bouncing!  I had thought of going for a swim in the open-air swimming pool, but it was still very cold outside: 4 degrees C, and I never swim fast enough to warm up.  So I put on my running gear to go for a plodding jog – no bouncing!  The park was quiet, it being tea-time, and it has such a charm at this time of day.  You can hear the birds really clearly and the wildlife feels more at ease with fewer humans around.  I stopped to see the cluster of deer, and take their pic.  If you want to get their attention, just sniff!  It really works.  They look up to see who else is sniffing!  It’s pretty awesome.  I think Doctor Dolittle didn’t really talk to the animals, I think he just repeated back to them the sounds they make!  Try it – it works!  Swans make a little gobbling sound, so when this one came to the edge of the lake, I gobbled back at it!  We had a lovely moment!

Back home I had a look to see what ingredients there were in the cupboard – not so many as I hadn’t done the weekend shop yet.  But I did have enough to make this rather delicious kale salad – from a new cookery book I got, Deliciously Ella.  It is so quick to make because you just assemble the food – kale, pomegranate seeds, with fresh lime juice drizzled over it, some avocado sliced in, sprinkled with some pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.  It was really, really delicious!  [And I only bashed my thumb once when extracting the pomegranate seeds!  Buzz Feed Youtube clip showed how to cut the pomegranate in half, and bash the skin over a bowl, and the seeds just come out – and they do!  Genius!]

Be more bounce, gradually!

IMG_20160319_092108[1]  IMG_20160319_092134[1]


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