Coffee and ice cream


There is something rather wonderful about finding a lovely coffee shop where there is a place to sit and delicious coffee and cake to be had.  La Gelatiera in New Row, WC2, London, was the place.  With the easy music playing, it was a very inviting and welcoming place.  I might know no-one here, and it might be rather cold outside, but inside it is a little oasis of taste and comfort.  It is actually an ice cream place!  But I didn’t look up to read the sign – I just followed my nose to where the aroma of coffee was coming from.  It is a wonderful Italian place – so the coffee, as expected, was great, as was the warmed chocolate cake with a dollop of caramel salted ice cream on top.  There were many ice cream flavours to choose from, and the one I chose was yummy.  They certainly are an artisan gelato place.  The square plate that the cake is served on has a helpful lip edging to it, so that if the ice cream melts a little, the platter is enough of a shallow bowl to contain all the delicious flavour.

It is a cosy place – more geared up for taking away the gelato gold in tubs and cornets than for stopping inside and sitting.  But there are a few bench seats around small tables.  It is a great place.  And it is a popular place for lovers to sit and huddle up to each other, scooping ice cream into each other’s mouths – and kiss while they are at it.  This is a taste of Italy after all!



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