Be more bounce!


When is a bench not (just) a bench? When it’s an obstacle in an adventure playground!  Okay, it’s just a bench in a park, but now I see it in a whole new light!  Since reading Christopher McDougall’s book Natural Born Heroes, I’ve thought that I wanted to include some ‘bouncing’, springy exercise into my running.  Hey presto – handy park benches and logs along the way, all brilliant for hopping on and off, before trotting on to find the next one!  This was the first time I have done this – and I did feel mildly ridiculous, as well as an awful lot of fun!  It was handy that the park was fairly empty because it was tea-time:  there were a handful of dog-walkers around – one of whom I collared to take my pic!  I’m definitely going to keep doing this  – and raising a few smiles along the way – always good.  So my new running motto: ‘Be more bounce!’

IMG_20160316_184733[1]  IMG_20160316_184707[1]

And then afterwards – home for stretching, and making a delicious smoothie – kiwi, kale, apple and sesame seed.  Yummy!

IMG_20160316_185127[1] IMG_20160316_185153[1] IMG_20160316_185211[1]


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